Frequently Asked Questions

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Psychometric Assessments:

How can I increase my energy levels? 
How do I stay energized? 
How can I get more balance in my life? 
How can I manage my stress better? 
How can I sustain my energy and performance over time? 
How can I build resilience?  Or   How can I become more resilient? 
How can I learn to perform better under pressure? 
How can I make sure I don’t choke under pressure? 
How can I stay focused and composed during a race/performance/match? 
How can I get past my mental blocks in sport? 
What do I need to do to mentally prepare myself for a big event/competition/race? 
How can I achieve something I have never done before? 
How can I get my performance to be more consistent? 
How can I successfully make big changes in my life without being overwhelmed by them? 
How do I deal with big transitions in my life/work successfully? How can I build my confidence? 
Can I learn “big match temperament”? 
How do I become a better competitor? 
How do I stop my nerves from sabotaging my sport/stage performance? 
Do I have more potential than I am currently displaying? 
How do I tap into my potential? 
How do I improve my performance? 
Is it possible to thrive under stress? 
How do I create balance and stay healthy when my life is so busy and stressed?

Do you see yourself in one of the following scenarios?

As an entrepreneur , manager, leader, someone who takes my career seriously, I want to know how to get better work-life balance, manage my stress, keep motivated and energized, be a high performer, and develop my team and the individuals within it to their full potential. I want my team to work better together. I also want to develop myself and manage my career path. 

I have a huge career transition to navigate (changing career, retiring, starting my own business) and need help with coping successfully through it. I am dealing with change all the time and find it difficult.

I want to work on my mental preparation for a competition or race. I want to have a better season than last season. I know I have way more potential than my results have shown to date, and I want to perform at a higher level. I feel stuck and have hit a performance block. 

I want my team to perform better together. I have worked on the physical part of my sport but feel I am lacking in my mental approach. How do I reach my goals? How do I get a team to perform well together?

I have to perform at my best consistently. I battle with nerves sometimes. I need to stay motivated and focused. I get stage fright and need to overcome it.