• Performance and Sports Psychology Coaching and Consultations  (one-on-one and team)
  • Business Performance Programmes and Facilitation (Leadership Development; Talent Development; The Neuroscience of Performance; Business Coaching)
  • Presentations and Talks (schools, clubs, businesses)

Psychometric Assessments:

    • Integrated Enneagram
    • Insights Discovery
    • CPP
    • Hogan
    • Bar–On EQi 2.0
    • CPI
    • MBTI
    • And others

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How do I find psychometric assessments for recruitment, talent management or development purposes?

Are psychometric assessments helpful when doing leadership, management or talent development?

How can I develop my team and the individuals within my team?

Are psychometric assessments helpful in business coaching?

Where can I find out more about psychometric assessments/MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator); Insights Discovery; Hogan; CPP (Cognitive Process Profile); EQ-I (Emotional Intelligence) assessments?

Where can I find a sports psychologist?

Where can I find a performance psychologist?

Where can I find bespoke leadership and management development programmes?

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Virtual consultations available

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Beyond Success works with businesses, sports teams and individuals, performing artists and schools to help them towards healthy, sustainable achievements, and to strive beyond success - to significance.

Lesley-Ann Pedlar Psychologist Greenside
Lesley-Ann Pedlar Psychologist Greenside
Lesley-Ann Pedlar Psychologist Greenside